Rockaway Beach:

Located between Manzanita & Tillamook, Rockaway is an overlooked gem of a community on the Oregon coast.  The beach is seven miles of sand anchored by 2 jetties, Tillamook Bay to the south, and Nehalem Bay to the north.  Making it a great place to stay while in the area for a weekend of crabbing or fishing.  What I like to call a “carnival” town, Rockaway is a town that likes to bring people out for any event.  So if you are looking for something to do there are Friday night bonfires on the beach, pancake breakfasts, and many weekend festivals throughout the year.  With a Nature Conservancy wetland preserve in the Twin Rocks area of town to wander through, to the many shops and great restaurants downtown, you will not lack for something to do.  And you are a short drive away from many other activities the coast has to offer, from the Tillamook Cheese Factory, or hiking in Oswald State Park to the Three Capes Scenic drive.  Come see what Rockaway has to offer.


The popular place everyone loves to come to.  From the funky & eclectic shops, to the great restaurants Manzanita is an easy place to spend a day or two or ten.  Bordered to the north and south by State Parks and the beautiful Pacific Ocean to the west, there are lots of opportunities for outdoor recreation in the area even if it is just a walk to the store for milk.

NehalemBay Area:

Communities of Nehalem, Wheeler, & Manzanita. To fully explore all the wonderful things to do in the Nehalem Bay area you will need more than a week, or you will just have to come back.


From the antique stores and many little shops tucked away in the side streets, you can spend hours in the downtown area exploring the stores.  If you are in the area for the bounties of the bay and sea, there is a boat launch and parking space for trucks w/trailers.  While they are out on the bay, have a meal at one of the restaurants, while taking in the views of the bay and Neah-Kah-Nie Mountain.  Depending on who you ask, they are all “local favorites”.   Who knows you may even spot some of the local wildlife in the area including elk, deer, bald eagles, otters, and more.

Nehalem: (ne hey lem)

On your way to Manzanita or Wheeler?  Make sure you slow down as you come into Nehalem or you might miss a hidden gem.  If it is summer time, the businesses decked out in abundant flowers boxes and baskets will slow you down for sure, so pull over and take a stroll through town.   If you have time have a little something to eat, or see what is happening at the North County Recreation District, where there could be a lecture, play, fitness or pool class to join.