To Reserve:  To reserve a home we need an address, email (if available) and phone numbers to get the reservation started.  You will then receive the rental contract, reservation, and a "way it works" sheet explaining the rental process.  You can email a request for dates, home (if known), and extras (pets/hot tub). 


*You can not reserve a home online with us, please call or email.*

*One night's deposit is required to hold a reservation, stays of longer than 5 nights require a deposit of two nights at the rental's rate.  We accept checks, money orders, or cash.  Credit or debit cards through only.  If you haven’t, ask us how it works.
















*Total balance of charges are due at least  a week prior to arrival, at that time arrangements for keys will be made.  You can pay in full at the time of the deposit required to hold the reservation, pay in full a week prior to your arrival (minus your initial deposit), or send $10/$20/$50 a week/month or whatever works until the balance is paid in full prior to your arrival.

*Deposits are nonrefundable, however, deposits may be refunded with a 60 day notice and if the home can be rebooked.  Exceptions are made for rebooking the home for another date.


Pet Fees:  Most of our homes are pet friendly.  Some require fees, some don't.  Fees are either by the stay or by the day.  Your deposit will be forfeited if evidence of pets are found in non-pet friendly homes, or you try to "sneak" one in.

Security/Cleaning deposits:  Are required, and range from $150-$300. Deposits will be returned within 14 business days after departure, minus any accrued charges.  Cleaning charges depend on you, are billed by the hour, ($30 per hour) and come out of your security/cleaning deposit. There is a standard check out sheet to follow, however, to help out with costs, you may choose to do some of the cleaning yourself.  You don't HAVE to do anything, but will be charged accordingly for cleaning.  The minimum cleaning charge is $30.00 for all rentals, no exceptions.  Excessive cleaning/Laundry will be charged at $40 per hour.



Recycling is MANDATORY in all of our homes.  There is limited garbage service at the homes.  You will be required to recycle all glass, metal, paper and certain plastics.  Every home has recycle bins and a list of what is acceptable for recycle.  This is service provided by the company as there is no curbside recycle available at this time. 

*There is a $50 fee for not recycling in addition to the time it takes housekeeping to take it out of the garbage.*


All homes are non-smoking, evidence of smoking in the homes will forfeit your whole deposit.


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